Best Transmission Additives for Automatic and CVT Transmissions

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Best Transmission Additives for Automatic and CVT Transmissions

Your transmission is essential to your vehicle’s performance, and you want it to hold up for a long time without needing repairs or a replacement. When you want to extend the life of your CVT (continuously variable transmission) or automatic transmission and increase its performance, you may want to turn to transmission additives. The best transmission additive will keep your transmission fluid cleaner and your transmission operating at peak efficiency.


If you’re interested in using transmission additives, learn more about what they are and some of the main benefits of adding them to your automatic or CVT transmission. 


What Are Transmission Additives?

Your vehicle’s transmission fluid plays a variety of crucial roles, regardless of whether you have a CVT or automatic transmissions. For example, the fluid manages heat, guards bearings and gears against wear, provides frictional properties for consistent shifts and enables shifting. As your transmission fluid ages, it’ll begin to deteriorate and cause performance issues for your transmission. 


Companies design transmission additives to restore deteriorating fluid and protect it from future wear. Usually, transmission additives provide greater heat resistance and the right frictional properties to the fluid.


What Is Shift Restore?

Shift Restore transmission additive is an automatic transmission protectant and cleaner offered at Hot Shot’s Secret. We designed this product to help drivers solve common automatic transmission issues by reducing operating temperatures and coefficient of friction. The product also assists with smoother gear changes and minimizes metal-to-metal contact. Many buyers also love how it eliminates rust, corrosion and stiction from their automatic transmission.


What Are the Benefits of Using Transmission Additives?


What Are the Benefits of Using Transmission Additives?

The best transmission additives, like Shift Restore, come with many advantages that can improve your transmission fluid’s performance. If you’re interested in using these products, review some of the top benefits of adding them to automatic or CVT transmissions below:


1. Reduce Shudder and Noise

When your transmission relies on poor quality or deteriorating fluid, it has to work harder. As a result, you’ll start to hear the transmission straining to perform its function, with the sounds of whirring and clanking being the most common signs. Sometimes, a straining automatic or CVT transmission will even vibrate and shudder.


These noises can make your drive less comfortable and signal something is wrong with your transmission. Transmission additives can make it much easier for transmission to perform, as they improve your fluid’s quality. Since transmission additives make it easier for your CVT or automatic transmission to perform, they can reduce the vibrations and noises it puts out, helping you have a relaxed and stress-free driving experience.


2. Decrease Varnish and Sludge Build-Up

Even the best transmission fluid will start to thicken over time. As contaminants like dirt mix with your fluid, the fluid will slightly solidify, forming into a sludge-like substance. This thicker fluid won’t move as quickly through your transmission, preventing key parts from performing efficiently. Additionally, thicker fluid can produce varnish that damages parts. 


Higher performance transmission lubricants can prevent impurities from thickening your transmission fluid and ensure the fluid flows freely. By preventing sludge and varnish build-up, you can keep your transmission performing optimally and reduce wear on parts.


3. Increase Transmission Lifespan

Since high-quality additives lower your transmission’s running temperature, they reduce the chance of overheating, which can cause significant damage to the transmission. Plus, transmission additives can reduce wear on parts, making it so your transmission runs properly and doesn’t require as many repairs.


Due to transmission additives’ ability to reduce strain on your automatic or CVT transmission, you can expect your transmission to last longer. By lengthening your transmission’s lifespan, you’ll see greater performance from your vehicle over time. A better-performing and longer-lasting transmission also means you won’t need to repair your transmission as often, helping you save on maintenance and replacement costs.


4. Prevent or Minimize Leaks

While you might not expect it, even small fluid leaks can damage your transmission. When your transmission has a fluid leak, it can start working less efficiently and be more prone to overheating. These effects can cause your vehicle to have rough slips or shifts, especially when the transmission fluid gets low. As transmission fluid is corrosive, leakage can also harm other nearby parts.


Transmission additives can’t plug any holes or stop leakage after it starts, but they can help prevent leakage from occurring in the first place. Since transmission additives condition your transmission’s seals, they reduce the risk of small leaks occurring.


5. Lessen Part Wear

Since thickening fluid makes CVT and automatic transmissions work harder, the transmission’s parts will often wear down faster. As the transmission continues to operate with more impurities in its fluid and the fluid thickens, overheating and varnish build-up can occur and harm your transmission.


Transmission additives keep your transmission healthier and lessen part wear. Since your parts won’t wear down as quickly, you can save money on future repairs. Additionally, your vehicle will run better because the transmission will perform at its best.


When Should You Use Transmission Additives?

Due to the importance of your transmission to your vehicle’s proper functioning, almost anyone can benefit from adding transmission additives to their vehicle. If you want to experience all the advantages of these products, it’s generally recommended that you add high-quality transmission fluids to your vehicle during your recommended checkups. You can also add transmission additives after you flush and replace your fluid to prevent future contaminants from forming.


While anyone can benefit from transmission additives, they’re best for vehicles that are especially susceptible to transmission damage. For example, vehicles operating in temperature extremes and rough conditions, those with high mileage and those used for towing heavy loads can all significantly benefit from these products.


Do Transmission Additives Work?

Even though there’s some debate about the effectiveness of transmission additives, they’re proven to be useful for the various vehicles discussed above. Of course, you can’t expect transmission additives to fix a broken transmission or make up for lack of proper maintenance. However, they do help any vehicle’s transmission fluid perform at its best.


Why Choose Hot Shot’s Transmission Additives?

We designed our higher-performance transmission lubricants to address common CVT and automatic transmission issues and keep your ride running smoothly. Since we’re committed to providing the best transmission additives possible, we thoroughly test all of our products and refuse to dilute the final product. Further, we offer world-class customer service and make all of our products in the U.S. to ensure you receive only the best.


Take a moment to learn more about the benefits of choosing our products below:


1. Rigorous, Triple-Threat Testing

All of our top-tier transmission additives undergo a rigorous, triple-threat testing process before they reach you. First, we have our additives undergo testing in our research and development lab. After the products meet our lab’s requirements, we send them to an independent third party for dynamometer testing. Finally, we put them through real-world testing to ensure they work as intended.


2. High-Quality Solutions

We design our transmission additives to improve your transmission’s performance and fix problems others can’t. Instead of offering diluted transmission additives, as you might see on retail shelves, we create our products with highly concentrated formulas to give you the best solution possible. Due to our commitments to only sell products proven to address the issues they’re supposed to fix, you can feel confident purchasing our additives.


3. Products Made in the U.S.

We proudly make all of our products, including our additives, in the U.S at our Mt. Gilead, Ohio plant. Since we don’t outsource our manufacturing and production, you can be sure you’re receiving a top-tier product.


4. Helpful Customer Service

We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best products and services possible. As a result, we offer a money-back guarantee to any customer who isn’t satisfied. Additionally, we provide a free Diagnose Your Diesel feature that gives our customers a DIY tool to help them figure out what’s going on with their diesel engine and then informs them about possible solutions.


Try Hot Shot's Secret's Shift Restore Transmission Additive Today


Try Hot Shot’s Secret’s Shift Restore Transmission Additive Today

With all of the advantages of using Hot Shot’s Secret’s transmission additives, give Shift Restore a shot today for your gasoline or diesel vehicle. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.