Lubrication-Specialties-Inc-3975-Morrow-Meadows-Drive-Mt-Gilead-Ohio-43338-United-StatesLubrication Specialties, Inc. (LSI), the parent company of brands including Hot Shot’s Secret, Frantz Filters, Fluid Recovery, as well as others; specializes in solving some of the toughest problems in the automotive industry. Since 1997, LSI has resolved problems for some of the largest companies in North America, including: Nucor Steel, American Showa, Midwest Industries, X-Tec, among others. LSI’s ultimate goal is to figure out what the problem or inefficiency is, and to fix it using the latest lubrication, additive or equipment available. The company’s flagship product, Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator, was developed for International Truck and Engine to resolve the issue with injectors on the Ford Power Stroke 6.0 liter engine.

Hot Shot’s Secret specializes in high performance, specially formulated additives focusing on diesel engines and fuel systems. From semi tractors and large fleets, to pickup trucks and hot shot drivers, all the way to agriculture and manufacturing equipment, our products have solved numerous issues across many industries. Hot Shot’s Secret and its family of products provide problem-specific solutions to diesel and gasoline automobiles across the USA and around the world. With new products being researched, tested and developed every day, LSI’s team of experienced professionals understand the needs of diesel owners and the automotive industry.

Mission Statement
It is our goal to bring extreme duty, high performance, custom-made products that are only available to high-end customers, to end users. We find products being used by industrial and commercial customers and offer them in small quantities to everyday users. Products that have been engineered to resolve issues, last longer, make equipment last longer, or improve efficiency.

Powered by Science isn’t just a catchphrase. We develop, research and test our products continuously until we are certain our products are the strongest and most effective on the market. Proven around the world; the products we sell are proudly made in the USA, down to the label.

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