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From the Lab: Frantz Filter

Oil filtration in retrospect seems to be old “as the hills” technology in the automotive industry. Many don’t think twice when changing their oil and adding a new OEM filter. It’s just part of the process of maintaining your vehicle. That is the status quo in the industry. Many have overlooked what an oil bypass […]

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Blue Diamond oil viscosity

How To Read Oil Viscosity

You’ve probably been in an auto parts store and have been overwhelmed with all the brands, blends and viscosities that engine oil comes in. 5w-40, 10w-30, SAE 30, what does it all mean? This article will focus on how to read oil viscosity. First off, what is viscosity? Viscosity is the state of being thick, […]

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hyper lubricant image

In Depth Look at Hyper Lubricant Video

What does this test show? This test shows that in a period of 100 hours at 300°F, a popular retail oil additive begins to oxidize, causing sludge and stiction. Oil in a turbo charger or near the oil control piston ring can be introduced to temperatures over 400°F, which, over time breaks down engine oil […]

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Hot Shot’s Secret not just for Powerstrokes?

Due to our flagship product being formulated for Navistar and Ford back in 2007, many diesel owners believe our products are only intended for and effective on Powerstroke engines. On top of that, people assume our products only benefit HEUI injector equipped 6.0L’s and 7.3L’s. That’s not the case. Below is a customer review submitted […]

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Diesel Smoking

Reading Smoke, What Your Exhaust’s Smoke Means

We’ve all seen (or have caused); thick, black smoke come from the exhaust of a diesel. It’s some guy’s favorite part of owning a diesel in fact. Let’s talk about the different colors of exhaust smoke, their causes and solutions. Blue or Gray. Newer, low mileage truck owners can skip this paragraph, but many of […]

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Ultra-Low Sulfur Fuel: Public Enemy #1

Ever since the EPA mandated that all highway diesel fuel vehicles must use Ultra-Low Sulfur Fuel (ULSF) there have been problems. Diesel engines need to be lubricated on the fuel side, from the fuel tank to the injectors. ULSF is very dry, it does not provide the lubrication High Sulfur Fuel used to provide. Many […]

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Do your employees know what they’re talking about?

That’s probably a question you’ve asked yourself from time to time. Product knowledge is key to selling a product. It would be hard for even the best salesperson to sell something they knew absolutely nothing about. Our most successful dealers train their employees on the products. We asked one of our most successful dealers Jay […]

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